Review: Cerbero suede tassel loafers

I’ve been looking for a pair of suede tassel loafers for a while now. I wanted a more sleek design, however, wasn’t really looking to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair that I’d probably only wear through the summer. While some designs were really enticing, like Alden’s tassel moccasin, it just wasn’t in the cards for me. 

Enter Yoox and the Cerbero shoe brand.

I’ll admit that I was a bit skeptical on the idea of shoes around the $100 price point from a brand whose website doesn’t offer very many details. From what their website says, they’ve been around since 1955 and do all their work in Italy (if anyone else has any other intel, please do share). Previously, L.A.S. had written about Cerbero double-monk shoes at Sartorially Inclined, but there’s not much solid information or reviews out there for this brand of shoes.

But I had a coupon code and Yoox had free shipping (plus it’s only $6 to do return shipping), so I figured I’d grab a pair in two different styles and see what they’re like. I got the ones shown above and also this pair (which I sent back: they felt tighter on my foot and the leather lining felt stiffer, plus the footbed’s stitching felt much more rough to wear barefoot).

For the pair I kept, I really liked them. They were comfortable to wear sockless and felt rather flexible. They have leather soles and I believe they’re “Blake” stitched (if someone can tell by the photos, please let me know if I’m right/wrong). While not unlined, the leather lining on these feels nice.

The moccasin toe stitching can’t be felt by my feet, which is nice. While not as comfortable as my Topsider boat shoes, they’re definitely getting there. I’ve worn them twice and walked around downtown Chicago on them for several blocks just to break them in a bit and they’ve yet to give me any blisters.

For the price ($125 on sale right now), I think they’re a decent deal. The model I got is in dark brown (chocolate) suede, but they also have grey, black and dark (midnight or navy) blue. There’s also several other non-tassel loafers and suede closed-toe captoes with or without semi-broguing.

You’ll probably want to avoid their regular leather shoes though, as they all look to be “corrected” grain leather, which the copywriters have spun as “polished” leather (if you’re not familiar with the terms, Put This On has a primer you should read). I’m not a suede expert, so I can’t comment on the quality of their suede, but it doesn’t strike me as any better or worse than my Clarks desert boots or vintage Polo bucks.

In terms of sizing, I’d size down at least a half size. I happen to be a 10.5D and sized down to a 10 after reading their shoes run a bit long (plus, I was planning on wearing them sockless).

Would I call these a steal? Probably not — more like a fair shoe for the price. I’d put in the realm of getting a pair of boat shoes from Sperry, a desert boot from Clarks or bucks from G.H. Bass. I wouldn’t call them an “investment” shoe, but a nice shoe at an alternative price.

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