What would you consider business casual footwear? I'll be starting a job in a couple of weeks working for a hospital and needs some help.

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I think it really depends on what you’re wearing for the rest of your business casual outfit, which has a really broad definition ranging from chinos and a polo shirt to a blazer, tie and wool trousers.

On the very casual end of that spectrum, I’d say suede bucks and loafers. On the more dressy end, I’d go with open-laced bluchers/derby styled leather-soled dress shoes with perhaps a plain toe or wingtip would work. I would also thing that chukka-styled boots would work well in either suede (Clarks Desert boot on the casual end) or leather.

Are you going to be standing up and walking around a lot during the day? If so, I’d go with a mid-ground compromise: suede wingtips. Suede will be comfortable to wear and look good with either dress slacks or chinos. Your choice if you want to go with leather soles or rubber, although I’d imagine rubber would provide better grip if you’re on tile floors all day.

A “casual” officeplace lets you get away with a lot of things shoewise, so make sure to find one that’s going to be comfortable for you to wear (foremost importance) and will work with your wardrobe you plan to wear to work.

Hope this helps!

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