Tips/suggestions for looking dapper in college?

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I’m guessing you’re on a ramen-noodle budget?

I’ll probably expand this into a full-blown series (I’ve been meaning to write it, but have been putting it off), but here’s a brief set of bullet points:

  • Don’t spend your money on clothing, spend it on alterations.
  • Know your measurements and only buy clothing that fits (or can be altered easily to fit). Spending money on clothes that don’t fit your body (and that you can’t return) is a quick way to blow money. There are a lot of online guides to help you measure yourself and learn your real sizes. Don’t trust sales associates in department stores to measure you correctly.
  • Sign up for mailing lists for online retailers. Lots of them will have discount codes and sale notices. Major brick & mortar retailers will have sale schedules around the same time every year.
  • Never pay full price for any article of clothing if you can help it. Get stuff on sale.
  • Never cut corners at the tailor or shop around for “cheap” alterationists. You get what you pay for. If they do good work, then they’re worth the money they demand.
  • Go to sample sales and thrift stores. Go on eBay. Go on Etsy. Go on StyleForum’s Buy & Sell threads.
  • Avoid having to buy clothes in a rush. You will most certainly pay more and get lesser quality.
  • Get one good charcoal/navy/dark grey suit, one white dress shirt, one solid (navy or burgundy) necktie and one pair of quality plain, closed-toe, leather-soled captoe dress shoes (probably black) with matching belt. On a practical level, you need to be able to have one go-to dressed up outfit that fits perfectly and can be worn at a moment’s notice. You never know when you’ll need one and at the very least you’ll use it for interviews. Have this ready and on hand. You don’t want to be the guy the day before he’s got an interview scrambling to borrow a clean shirt and tie from someone down the halls in the dorm. Be prepared.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear your school colors on gameday on a T-shirt or sweater. It’s college and you’ve gotta have pride in your institution!

(Can I get an I-L-L…?)

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