Thoughts on L.L.Bean Signature fall-winter 2011

The new fall-winter L.L.Bean Signature collection has appeared online today and there’s a few items that look interesting, but also one glaring disappointment.

Negatives first: the suit jackets all still have functioning “surgeon” buttons on the sleeves. I hate to rehash how this makes alterations for sleeve length costly or impossible, but it’s something I was hoping LLBS would have dropped by now. So, I’m not going to go over these items at all.

Still, the one awesome development is the introduction of Goodyear-welted footwear. They have a pair of saddles and captoes, but the most intriguing offering is the captoe military boot. At under $200, it’s a somewhat cheaper alternative to perhaps other more expensive dress boot options. The only downside I can see is the leather sole might be troublesome in ice and rain:

The other thing I’m a fan of are their trouser options. There’s corduroy, whip cord and this wool pair in forest green. I feel like the corduroy and wool pairs, which are both on sale right now, aren’t terribly priced, but they might need tapering for some of you. The whip cord seems priced a bit high, especially when you’re comparing them to what places like Howard Yount offer for about $20 more.

As far as tops go, they do have the expected plaid shirting, but I think the sweaters are much more interesting. This 100-percent lambswool sweater is on sale right now for $40, and I might just pick one up:

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  4. goingoutgoingin said: wow. that deal on the sweater is fantastic. i was kind of trying to wait to get a shaggy dog sweater from j press… my decision is now much tougher.
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