It’s on sale: Ben Silver neckties — It’s worth taking a gander at the neckties on sale right now at Ben Silver. Granted, I know some of you might not think that ties going for $25-$60 constitutes much of a sale, however, take a closer look at some of the ties offered. Especially the paisley ancient madders. And then hop on over to the Drake’s London site and look at their ancient madders. Notice anything interesting?

After bringing the sale to dieworkwear's attention, he certainly did. Although it's not said outright, it definitely appears that Ben Silver is getting at least some of their neckwear from Drake's London. And they're putting it on sale for about 20%-33% of the cost.

I originally found them while looking around for a cashmere tie and they have a purple one on sale right now for $45.50. Their tan unlined silk shantung tie is $39. Their ancient madders prints are going for $42 and bowties start at $26.75.

So, that’s when paying $25-$60 for a necktie is a “steal”, because I really doubt you’ll find these prices on (potentially) Drake’s-made ties elsewhere.

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