What's the count of pieces in your wardrobe? e.g. jackets, trousers &c.

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I’m not sure if people will see these numbers as high or not, but I think it’s important to note the seasonal appropriateness for some items. Since Chicago fully experiences all four seasons, I think it’s good to have elements of your wardrobe that reflect the weather. Flannels and tweeds are a must for me in the winter, just like linen and lightweight cottons are a must for summer.

I also try to rotate my jackets and trousers to avoid wearing them two days in a row, preferably going two days before wearing it again. It lets the garment air out and lengthen its life (I hope).

A final note: a lot of my wardrobe isn’t new. A significant portion was bought thrifting, sniped on eBay, or browsing Etsy. Close to 95% of the stuff I did buy new was purchased on a coupon code discount or sale. The only things I’ve bought at full retail: one tie and one pocket square from Kent Wang, one trouser from Howard Yount, Bean Boots, a bowtie from The Tie Bar, and a custom-made shirt from MyTailor.com. My thoughts have always been “Give your money to a tailor, not to a retail store.”

  • Suits: 6 (3 all season, 2 f/w, 1 s/s)
  • Jackets: 15 (2 all season, 7 f/w, 6 s/s)
  • Chinos: 8 (5 all season, 3 s/s)
  • Trousers: 11 (5 all season, 3 f/w, 3 s/s)
  • Denim: 3 (2 dark, 1 white)
  • Shirts: 20? (More than half are “formal”, slightly fewer than half are casual button-down collars)
  • Sweaters & knits: 4 (1 vest, 2 cardigans, 1 tennis)
  • Ties & squares: No idea
  • Shoes: 9 shoes, 4 boots (2 all season, 1 f/w, 1 s/s)

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