NYT: Pushing the Boundaries of Black Style

Street Etiquette is featured in The New York Times. One of the most interesting parts of the profile is how Gumbs and Kissi turned to the Internet to share their interest of style rather than their real-world peers. And then came this sentence:

The Internet has also created a virtual community for this new generation. No longer do style outsiders have to rebel in isolation.

Honestly, without the Internet, I probably wouldn’t be interested in this at all and that’s what’s been great about the community around the topic. And this has been true for pretty much every nerdy, outsider, lonely interest I had in my life. I might not have known people in real life who shared my obscure obsessions, but the Internet reveals to you that no one is alone in their pursuits. You’re inspired more and learn so much that you can live your life as you really want to each day.

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