I agree with most of your advice for the guy looking for a wedding outfit, but don't discount wearing a black grenadine or knit tie. I that would look smashing with a navy suit. This is what Jesse Thorn said about it: "This is it, people. White shirt. Navy suit. Black grenadine necktie.Whether or not you are the coolest man in the world, you will look great in this outfit in any situation. Perfectly conservative, perfectly tasteful, spectacularly elegant."

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I guess I tend to think that plain black ties remind me of either a funeral or a Tarantino movie (and I like his films!) so I’m a bit nervous around using them. I have a black knit, and it’s easily one of my least-worn ties. I feel as though black as a color for a wedding is a bit extreme, despite it’s formality.

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  1. ordinaryglory said: I agree with Kiyoshi. I own a black knit tie, and I never wear it. I’m usually wearing a navy suit, and I will say for a wedding, I happen to think a crunchy wine or burgundy colored knit would be more fitting.
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