Rugby is now offering a Made-to-Order shirt service for $150.  The shirts are crafted in the US by the New England Shirt Company.  You may choose from 7 fabrics, 4 collars, and 2 cuffs.  Chest pocket, monogramming, white cuffs, and white collar are also available.  Only two measurements are requested: neck (by the half inch) and sleeve (by the inch).  There is no mention of fit, but I hope they will be slim fitting like the majority of Rugby’s regular offerings.  Once you fill out the online form, a representative will contact you by phone to complete the process.  Hopefully at this point you will give more measurements to ensure a more personal fit.  You should get your new custom shirt in about three weeks.  So what are you waiting for?  Have at it, people.

For $150, I have a hard time imagining it’s worth it. I know my tailor in town charges $150 for a bespoke shirt — and he has a LOT more fabric, collar and cuff choices, too. Everything’s customizable.

For around the same price, you could go with some higher end MTM online stuff. I’d personally go with MyTailor.com, where you can get measured in-person by a traveling tailor. For the price of three shirts from MyTailor, you’d only get two shirts from Rugby — again, with nowhere near the level of options.

I’m all for companies making MTM products and introducing people to it, but there’s always been better deals out there.

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    With just these two measurements doesn’t it cease to be MTO and just becomes any shirt where the size is denoted by neck...
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    For $150, I have a hard time imagining it’s worth it. I know my tailor in town charges $150 for a bespoke shirt — and he...
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    I got this email yesterday, but no french placket? hmm. Still tempted to try it ‘cause I like New England’s quality.

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