Rugby's $150 MTO is worth it for those not in major markets. Though I'm in DC now, I was in a town of 7k and the nearest true tailor was 3 hours away. When you factor in gas, time, etc. it becomes a lot more expensive to go bespoke. For those that don't have access to bespoke options, I think it's an excellent deal on a shirt with a good fit that's made in the US. I think when you factor those things in it becomes more attractive to certain people.

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Good point. Might be worth it to get one, good-fitting shirt to base future measurements off of and then go with online MTM shirting. I just tend to think $150 is kinda pricey when you consider what else is available online for that amount.

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  1. suitsandboots said: The Rugby shirts aren’t even full MTM though. They’re only neck and sleeve sizes!
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