Could you only wear six items of clothes for a month?

That’s what these people did. Seems like an interesting challenge, but it’s obviously doable. (Socks, shoes and underwear don’t count toward the six-item limit.)

After some thought, here’s what I’d go with for a month in the summer:

  1. Navy blazer
  2. Levi’s 501s selvedge denim jeans
  3. Grey lightweight-cotton chino pants
  4. Solid light blue or blue university stripe oxford collar button down shirt
  5. White dress shirt
  6. Bright-colored polo shirt (I’d go with pink or salmon red)

Not sure if it’d be cheating or not to replace the navy blazer with a full seersucker suit, because if not I’d do that instead since you would then have a full suit you could wear together or break up the pants and jacket to wear as components.

If this was the fall or winter, I’d sub the chinos with some wool dress pants, get a heavier weight wool blazer in there and swap the polo for either a cardigan or sweater vest for layering.

I’m curious to know how others would approach this challenge.

Related: The Uniform Project, where one woman wore the same little black dress for a year.


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