Slim card-holder wallet roundup

I’ve been looking for a new slim card-holder wallet for a while now and there’s a lot of choices out there beyond just the well-known, big-name brands (like this predictable list that Esquire UK created).

In the event that you’re looking for a slim-card holder wallet, then you should find this list fairly helpful — perhaps close to comprehensive, and suggested additions are welcome.

They’re not listed in any particular order and I’m not going to give my commentary on them — simply because I haven’t handled any of these, and we all have our different preferences. In some cases, you’ll want to click through to the company’s site to see additional colors, leather types and pricing.

Daines & Hathaway:

Bottega Venetta:



Whitehouse Cox:


James Purdey & Sons:

Smythson of Bond Street:

Brooks Brothers:


Hollows Leather:

Corter Leather:

Saddleback Leather Co.:

Swaine Adeney Brigg:

Chester Mox:




Jack Spade:

Hellbrand Leatherworks:

M.L. Brown & Co.:



Bosca (via spiffydave):

Coach: (bespokenn has a review of his wallet)

Rugby (via classiclife):

Acne (via classiclife):

Moore & Giles (via classiclife):

The Vegan Collection (via Nathan C., who wanted to provide an ethical alternative):

Colonel Littleton:

David Lane Design:

Shapeshifter (Not quite a card holder, but this is a unique design that’s super-minimalistic. It’s creator, Bob, has let me know that he will ship to the U.S.):

Aspinal of London:

Ralph Lauren:




Tiffany & Co.:

Martin Dingman:

Draught Dry Goods:

Kenton Sorenson:

Other companies that make slim wallets, but not in a card-holder style:

You can also see selections at:

Got any others to add? Let me know.

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