First off, great blog. I'm very pattern/color matching challenged so those past few tie posts have been more help than you know. Also, I wanted to give your readers the heads up that the Howard Yount shawl you just posted is near identical to an H&M one I picked up for $40. Obviously it is no where near the quality or craftsmanship but for someone on a budget it's a great pick up.

Thanks, I’m glad you’re finding the blog helpful.

As for H&M’s sweaters, I generally don’t link to or endorse products like theirs or their direct retail competitors for a few reasons. The main reason though is that they tend to be blended fabrics, often with nylon or polyester. This is what makes them cheaper (along with cheap manufacturing costs).

While cheaper is beneficial for a lot of people in terms of immediate cost, I don’t personally believe it’s a financially good decision. I’ve often found that cheaply-made clothing doesn’t last as long, stretches oddly and just plain doesn’t hold up to well-made counterparts.

If your ramen-noodle budget necessitates spending less, then I’d suggest hitting up thrift/vintage stores, eBay, Etsy, etc., instead to find a deal there — or buy off-season and on sale. Or save up for one quality item.

At least, that’s what I do.

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