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Lots of great essays came out this week. I haven’t had the chance to blog about them yet, but they were good reads in case you missed them.

If “dressed by the internet” is an officially coined phrase, then it’s time for the “dressed by the internet” look to die. There’s a lot of talk about “finding your personal style”. Let’s all actually try that instead of wasting money competing in the Online Steez Olympics and posing for attention. How great would that be?

It started in highschool, on eBay. Thrift, upsell. Buy a poorly listed item, take better pictures, upsell. Buy a suit without a description, give measurements, upsell. I got better and better at it the more transactions I made and the more I learned about product.

I have a sartorial confession to make.  This is the very first year I’ve gone sockless.  I know I know, how did I ever manage?  Well, to be perfectly honest there was a time (let’s say freshman/sophomore year of college) when I’d talk your ear off about how socks were the only thing that kept society from complete collapse.

Why you might ask? I drank a lot more back then.

You see, I acquired that watch years ago through less-than-legal means, a part of my past I am deeply ashamed of. It’s the only relic I have from that period of my life, and I have held on to it as a symbol of where I’ve been and how far I’ve come.

I’ve come so far, in fact, that I have lately wanted to get rid of that watch. I don’t need a reminder—I’ve moved past that to a whole ‘nother life entirely.

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  1. afistfulofstyle said: as much as I like being on lists, AcuteStyle is right, you not putting your necktie series as the first thing is false modesty at best. Cruelty to #menswear at worst (cruelty to #menswear=#epicwhitewhine).
  2. acuteobtuse said: Great list, but don’t be modest. Your essays on ties should be at the top of this list. Excellent. Excellent.
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