I have not experienced these Rugby crotch blow outs. I also don't ride a bike, sit regularly with my legs as wide as possible, or do anything that could be considered sport in them. I would venture to say that there is some pattern of activity that leads to the pre-mature crotch blow out. I still fucks with them.

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Dissenting opinion!

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  1. ajamison said: More power to CB…I wish I didn’t have them blow out! They were great. But I can’t justify dropping more $$ on them to replace them once or twice a year.
  2. eightinhand said: Crotch blow-outs are sometimes the result of what I endearingly refer to as “chub rub.” It happens.
  3. cbenjamin said: Addendum: Not saying everyone that had crotch blowouts was doing those things. I just haven’t had that issue.
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