Played football, hockey, baseball (was a catcher and a goalie) growing up. Have some decent sized thighs still in my late twenties though all I do now is play soccer a couple times a week. Wondering if that isn't the difference. Put one leg up on a step ladder in the process of putting a bicycle back up on hooks in my garage, crotch on the Rugby University Chinos I was wearing ripped open, good five inch tear. They were only a month old. Was really disappointed. For $70, never again.

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You know, it could be both the quality of the chinos and your thighs. Sorry man, that sucks. I’d be pissed, too!

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  1. scotth said: I had mine rip the first morning I put them on to wear to work (had tried them on a couple times). Thought my thighs were too meaty but seems like an endemic problem as well.
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