What's the quickest way to take my style to the next level? I've got the basics down, but I'm severely lacking in jackets, knitwear and shirts. Any suggestions on the essentials to round this area of my wardrobe out?

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Kind of depends what your personal style is, but experimenting and trying stuff out might be the only way to discover it.

Here’s some stuff I’d look into:

Jackets: I think seasonal fabrics are a good way to go — but pay real close attention to the details and decide what you want (or what you want a tailor to add). For the colder seasons, I was really into tweeds last year. You could easily have suede patches added or look for options with a throat latch. And, given tweed’s almost infinite variety of colors and patterns, you can definitely find either a conservative or wild pattern.

This year, I’ve been sniping cashmere jackets on eBay. Feels great and for some reason it’s not being discussed as much right now (maybe because a lot of readily available brands don’t have 100%-cashmere jackets available?). I’ve got three I need to take to the tailor.

As for spring and summer, jackets in madras, linen and seersucker are worth hunting down right now in eBay. I think summer really encourages more outrageous patterns, especially on the weekend. Again, I’d be picky about details.

Knitwear: I’m pretty stuck on chunky knit shawl-collared cardigans. Derek at dieworkwear really likes shaggy-dog sweaters. I also think that a tennis/cricket sweater is pretty neat. Brooks Brothers has a few right now, but they’re also on eBay and Etsy quite frequently. Find a design and color you really like and buy a great one that’ll work with a majority of your wardrobe as a layering piece. That’s the logic I used behind mine and I have zero plans this year to buy more sweaters.

Shirts: Custom-made shirting. I’ve said this before, but I prefer MTM services where you have a tailor measure you in-person instead of submitting your own measurements (either off a shirt or self-measure). Study up and get nerdy about the details you want.

Other: Neckties. Edit your tie collection and build it into something great with quality pieces. This process will probably take years unless you’re filthy rich. I guess this advice could also be given for every element of your wardrobe.

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