Review: Lands’ End Canvas Chambray Pea Coat

I’m not really big on the military-inspired menswear (well, outside of chinos, a pair of desert boots and navy blazers), but my roommate is more of a fan of such styling and had been looking for a lightweight grey pea coat. I mentioned that the Lands’ End Canvas chambray pea coat might fit that bill and with the various LEC coupon codes and sales that he probably wouldn’t have to pay the full price or shipping for it.

He’s had it for a while and likes it. Frankly, I think it’s a good piece for spring/summer if you need a lighter jacket, but not something that’s a parka or a raincoat. The chambray has a good grey color to it and an gingham cotton lining.

The coat also comes with three interior pockets, so you have plenty of room for storing stuff, which is always nice. The neck also has a locker loop on the inside.

For warmth, it has a metal hook latch and a buttoning throat latch, too. The button stance on the jacket is technically 6x8, but you’ll probably wear it 6x6 most of the time. The collar isn’t stiff at all, so I don’t think popping it will provide very much wind protection, but then again this is for warmer weather.

I do think I should mention this jacket isn’t going to be anymore waterproof than a pair of your jeans. A light rain, you’ll probably be all right, but a downpour will turn you into a soaked rag I’d imagine. So, check the weather before you head out in this jacket.

The fit is pretty good. The roommate is about a 38, I’m about a 38-39. This coat is a size “small” and feels great. I don’t think you’d be able to comfortably put a blazer or sport coat underneath, but a lightweight cardigan or most non-chunky sweaters would fit just fine. Just going with a dress shirt underneath would look fine, too. The one thing I dug about the fit is that the sleeves are a bit longer than most jackets I’ve seen, which is nice if you’re a guy with longer arms like myself. If you have shorter arms and really are picky about the fit, a trip to an alterationist would take care of that issue.

For casualwear, this is a good jacket. I think it goes well with a lot of things — especially if you dig the idea of chambray and denim playing off each other — and the chambray fabric really pulls it away from looking like it’s too heavily drawing from its military-designed roots.

It reminds me a lot of one of my favorite cotton sport coats that’s also in a dark grey color. A good knockaround jacket that you can thrown on over just about anything. If you can get it on sale and are looking for a spring jacket to replace your winter pea coat, then maybe give this a shot.


Lands End Canvas: additional 40% off Sale Items


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Ends Wednesday. Lots of decent deals to be had.


what's up man? i know you just posted sizing down for LEC but what's your take on JCrew's shirts/sweaters?

- Asked by themarvelouscalm

Not much going on today as it’s a government holiday.

I’m not overly familiar with J.Crew’s shirt/sweater sizing. I’ve heard other bloggers refer to J.Crew’s sizing as “whack,” but not entirely sure what that means.

Your best bet (other than trying them on) would be to use their customer service department to get measurements (sleeve lengths, chest widths) and see if that stacks up against your best-fitting gear.

While letter sizes (S/M/L) are the norm for sweaters, it bothers me greatly when shirts are also letter sized. They never tend to fit me right (narrower torso, moderate neck, long-ass arms), so I have to buy dress shirts that are sized for neck and sleeve lengths exactly.

Good luck.


Some thoughts on Lands’ End Canvas sweater sizing

About a month back I bought this Lands’ End Canvas donegal shawl-collared sweater. Between a few discount codes, free shipping, etc., it was more than half off, coming in around $65. I needed a heavier sweater to wear for quick trips to the store or the corner Italian place, when a jacket wasn’t necessary and I just wanted to throw on a parka rather than a full overcoat.

For that purpose, this sweater’s fine. It’s warm, it’s quality is about what I’d expected for the price (although I do think full retail on this at $150 was absurd). But my main complaint is the sizing and fit.

This is a size small. For reference, I wear a size 38 Long in jackets, have a 15.5” neck, 35” sleeve, weigh around 150 lbs. and am 5’11”. I was going back and forth between getting a medium and small, and decided to use the thought process of “when in doubt, size down.” And yikes, I’m glad I did.

I don’t consider myself a small, as my large arms often prevent that on most standard sizing — and I have a beer gut! But, LEC’s “small” sizing is huge. I could probably put another layer on underneath this sweater before I’d consider this constricting. Also, the length is a bit long in the sleeves and torso. Compounding the problem, I’m fairly certain just wearing it has stretched the fabric a bit.

So, if you’re going to go sweater hunting at LEC, definitely size down. If you’re typically a small, I’d suggest not bothering (or just get a small and expect to have to return it). For those of you with larger builds, you’ll probably find yourself at an advantage here.

Anyone else have a similar experience with LEC’s sweaters?


After-Christmas sale roundup

Quite a few sales going on right now for those of you with some leftover post-holiday cash to spend. Some of these sales are actually fairly significant.

Nordstrom semi-annual sale:

Select Allen Edmonds shoes are on sale for 33-percent off, like the Park Ridge oxford pictured above for $210. Also, their Nordstrom-branded dress shirts, like the John W. Nordstrom Trim Fit Egyptian Cotton Dress Shirt, are on sale for 33-percent off. Click here to see all their sale items. Not entirely sure when the sale ends.


Brooks Brothers semi-annual sale:

Extra-slim fit dress shirts 3 for $159. Neckties for $45. Plus save an extra 15 percent on Dec. 26 (today) only.



Get two free dress shirts with any suit, using code BOXINGDAY.


Lands’ End and Lands’ End Canvas winter sale:

Various items on sale (Canvas items here). This blackwatch silk necktie is on sale for $30. And this sporting blazer with suede patches, storm collar and surgeon cuffs is $75. Plus, free shipping for purchases over $50, using promo code DEC27 with PIN 4492.


Howard Yount winter sale:

Bunches of pants, suits, neckties, scarfs, socks and more all on sale. Quantities, however, do seem limited.


This Fits: New Lands' End Canvas Sweaters

On the topic of business casual, thisfits has some great intel on the Land’s End Canvas line of sweaters that’s worth a read.

Why should you bother with sweaters, one might ask? Well, if your shirt’s a bit too baggy in the sleeves and/or torso, then a sweater is a great way to hide all that and still keep those shirts in rotation for your wardrobe. Plus, they always look great when you layer them up with a jacket.

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