To my fellow Chicagoans:

Dockers is coming through Thursday and Friday with a gigantic trailer showcasing their spring alpha khakis.

  • There will be complimentary shaves and cuts from Joe’s Barbershop
  • The first 50 visitors each day who say “Khaki Rules” get a free pair of Alpha Khakis. And let’s face it, you say crazier things during the course of your day, i.e. “OMQ ______ liked my vine” etc.
  • GQ Executive Stylist, Brett Fahlgren will be in attendance Thursday 12pm-2pm to hang and talk about the spring line.

- Thursday 11am – 6pm: Pioneer Court (Michigan ave. between Illinois and the river) 

- Friday 12pm-7pm: One Financial Place

Come and hang and get pants. and a shave. and then go to a bar instead of going back to work.

and then go to another bar.

throw out your phone when everyone starts texting you “WHERE R U?”

order cheese fries.

order a shot of vodka.

buy a ticket to california.

and never come back.

It’s on sale: Dockers Alpha Khaki — Dockers is taking 30% off all orders over $100 with code FIREWORKS, meaning you can get two pairs of their slim Alpha Khakis for $82.60 (or $41.30 a pair). 

It’s on sale: Dockers Alpha Khaki — Dockers is taking 30% off all orders over $100 with code FIREWORKS, meaning you can get two pairs of their slim Alpha Khakis for $82.60 (or $41.30 a pair). 


It’s on sale: Dockers Alpha Chinos — For those of you out there with skinny legs and ramen noodle budgets, Dockers’ Memorial Day sale is taking 30% off orders over $100 with code MEMDAY

This essentially means you get two pairs of slim-fitting chinos for $83 — not bad. 


Take it to the tailor: Dockers

I’ve finally begun to reach the point where I’m taking pants in to my tailor to be tapered and have the seat taken in. While it might be easier for me to just buy new pants that have the fit I want off the rack, it’s cheaper and just as effective to get my older stuff tailored properly.

My first pair that needed a more refined cut was these pair of Dockers (the band says they’re a D3 “Premium” in a “classic fit” and made mostly of synthetic fibers. Say what you will (and you can’t tell from these pictures), but I loved the material and they hold their crease like a charm.

But as you can see, they’re entirely too baggy and relaxed. They needed the works: a hem of about two inches, tapered leg and thigh and the seat taken in quite a bit.

Here’s the results, with a before and after side-by-side photo:

World of difference, right? While I know some folks love the super-slim fit look, That’s not really the style that fits my body the best (can you say beer gut?), so I settled for a more “straight-leg” look that’s tapered down and gets rid of the excessive fabric. Obviously, the hem job got rid of the stacking, too.

This gives you a better idea of how taking in the seat can improve the look dramatically. I know some people think that if they wear their clothes baggy that it hides their weight, but the truth is that the excess fabric makes things look worse.

All in all, the hem and taper cost $30. I’m pretty sure I paid around $20 for the pants, so I’m happy with the outcome and fit at that total price point.

If you can pay the cash for a pair of pants that you know has a great fit off the bat, then go for it. But don’t ignore the idea of getting something cheaper and having a tailor fix them into something much nicer.

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