Ccan you recommend some brands that I can find some gloves, beanies, & scarves?

- Asked by Anonymous

I could, but it’s hard to give recommendations without knowing price. 

I could just point you toward Dents gloves and Begg scarves, and tell you “buy the best!”, but that’s probably not what you’re looking for. 

For a decent pair of leather gloves, perhaps check out Nordstrom’s in-house cashmere lined gloves. I have a pair made of suede and they’re super cozy. They’ll run you about $70, but if you can hold out until their after-Christmas sale, they should be cheaper. 

For scarves, Johnston’s of Elgin often is recommended and there’s a bunch of models at Sierra Trading Post. There’s a lot of options out there for cashmere scarves, and it’s really more or less about how much you want to pay and if you can snag a deal. Put This On did a good primer on scarves

The one quality bargain find I stumbled across though are scarves made by John Hanly. They’ve been around since 1893, weaving and making scarves and blankets in Ireland. They’re suppliers to the likes of Ralph Lauren’s Polo line and Liberty of London. 

You can find their scarves for sale here, and extremely reasonable prices. I bought a merino wool one and am very, very happy with it. 

As for beanies, Well Spent found these for $9. I have one from L.L.Bean that I’m kind of on the fence about. It’s warm, but kind of too small for my head. I feel that knit hats are kind of the sort of thing you have to try on.





Tyler and Josh speak to the legendary Gay Talese about hats over at the MANual.

Gay Talese talking about hats? *thumbs up*

Also, I gotta start knocking down some walls to install a hat closet.



Optimo Hats in Chicago. 

I feel sort of obligated to reblog this video, given that it combines menswear and the Windy City. All Plaidout has a nice writeup on the shop, too.

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