Menswear startup looking for digital ad consultant

A Chicago menswear startup is looking for a temporary, part-time consultant to help them with setting up their digital ad buys and working with referral networks. Yes, this is a paid opportunity. 

Process would involve advising on ad creatives, A-B testing, placements and configuration of campaigns, optimization based on performance of campaigns. Show up, tell them how to set things up and run it on their own and you get paid — simple. 

If you’ve got a background or interest in menswear online retail ad campaigns that’s awesome, but not necessary if you’ve done campaign setups in the past. Bonus points if you’re in Chicago, however, it’s not entirely necessary, either. 

If this sounds like the moonlight mercenary gig you’d be interested in doing, then e-mail me (kiyoshimartinez@gmail.com) and I’ll pass your information along and put you in touch. 

(P.S.: This job opportunity is not the company I work for, in case you were wondering.)

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