It’s on sale: L.L.Bean — About a month ago I bought these two sweaters from L.L.Bean during their last sale, which is also going on right now: 10% off and free shipping with code NOV10.

I’m really pleased with both the Norwegian and the Irish fisherman sweaters. Both are made in their namesake countries and come to $125 on sale. The Norwegian sweater fits a bit more true-to-size than the Irish counterpart. I’m a size 38 chest and went with size small on both. The Norwegian has a good fit, although I wouldn’t call it a skinny fit. The Irish sweater is definitely baggier, however, I don’t mind it enough to return it (and there’s no size extra small anyway). 

I’ve been wearing them during the week while at home, over an OCBD and with jeans. Both of them look great under a Barbour waxed jacket and do a good job of retaining warmth. Some of my most-worn wardrobe items for the season. 

The sale applies to both L.L.Bean mainline and their Signature line, too, ending on Monday. 


It’s on sale: L.L.Bean — Both L.L.Bean mainline and L.L.Bean Signature are on sale with 10% off (and free shipping, as always) through the end of the day. They rarely have sales, so this is probably as cheap as their gear gets until stuff goes on end-of-season clearance. 

Some of my picks:

Norwegian sweater: A design that’s been considered a trad staple. For a while, L.L.Bean’s re-issue of these were being made in China, but they’ve since re-introduced them from Norway again. $125.10 on sale. 

Matinicus Rock chunky-knit cardigan: Made from Shetland wool and chunky knit. Every winter I wear my thick cardigan around the house almost daily and it’s a good way to stay warm. Plus, they’re comfortable in that “old grandpa clothes” sort of way. $116.10 on sale.

Bean Boots: The classic. Be warned: these sell out incredibly fast once winter really hits. If you’re thinking about getting yours, then get them early and on sale. I’ve had mine for several winters now and they’ve been a necessity for dealing with snow muddy slush. $89.10 on sale. 

Ragg-wool socks: These are amazing. I have one pair and they’re some of the thickest socks I’ve ever worn. If you only buy one pair of “keep your toes warm” socks for winter, I’d vouch for a pair of these. $17.05 on sale.


Thoughts on L.L.Bean Signature fall-winter 2011

The new fall-winter L.L.Bean Signature collection has appeared online today and there’s a few items that look interesting, but also one glaring disappointment.

Negatives first: the suit jackets all still have functioning “surgeon” buttons on the sleeves. I hate to rehash how this makes alterations for sleeve length costly or impossible, but it’s something I was hoping LLBS would have dropped by now. So, I’m not going to go over these items at all.

Still, the one awesome development is the introduction of Goodyear-welted footwear. They have a pair of saddles and captoes, but the most intriguing offering is the captoe military boot. At under $200, it’s a somewhat cheaper alternative to perhaps other more expensive dress boot options. The only downside I can see is the leather sole might be troublesome in ice and rain:

The other thing I’m a fan of are their trouser options. There’s corduroy, whip cord and this wool pair in forest green. I feel like the corduroy and wool pairs, which are both on sale right now, aren’t terribly priced, but they might need tapering for some of you. The whip cord seems priced a bit high, especially when you’re comparing them to what places like Howard Yount offer for about $20 more.

As far as tops go, they do have the expected plaid shirting, but I think the sweaters are much more interesting. This 100-percent lambswool sweater is on sale right now for $40, and I might just pick one up:


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