Massimo Dutti now online — Yesterday, I learned of Massimo Dutti’s opening of their online and real-world store (New York City) from quitecontinental and taking a look through their site I’m kind of impressed.

Their all-wool (or all-cotton) suiting is sold in separates and comes in under $500. Their blazers range from $200 to $330. The lapels aren’t overly slim and the jackets aren’t cut too short. The button stance may be a bit high for some’s taste, but I largely think the cut and details are definitely office-appropriate without being too flashy. 

Massimo Dutti’s parent company also owns the to-be-avoided Zara and a few threads on StyleForum seemed to come to the consensus that their clothing is decently constructed and made from better fabrics than their fast-fashion sibling — and they’re a good deal if you can buy their stuff on sale. Derek at dieworkwear wrote about Massimo Dutti more than a year ago, for those of you looking for more background information. 

I’ll admit a few pieces caught my eye, but I’m glad that there’s yet another option for guys to grab a decent-looking suit around the $500 pricepoint. If anyone’s had a chance to try on their stuff or owns something from them, then let me know and I’ll add your thoughts here. 

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