It’s on sale: E. & G. Cappelli and Rubinacci ties at Exquisite Trimmings — If you’re looking to get some remarkable neckwear on sale, then you should check out the necktie clearance going on at Exquisite Trimmings. For around $90 or so, you can get some of the finest handmade neckties from Italy. 

One thing I’d like to point out is that the Rubinacci knit ties with the colored spots have their spots sewn on by hand. Most spotted knit ties are stitched on by machine, because handsewing takes a ridiculous amount of time to do. If you’re into that kind of detail, then give those a look. 


Rubinacci “samurai” pochette — These are absolutely gorgeous:

Made on the occasion of our Tokyo’s shop opening. Typical symbols of Japanese culture, samurais, are printed on all four corners of it, just to represent the strength and tenacity of this people. “Bushido” written in the middle is a wish of good luck remembering the way of the samurai’s life.

I keep finding ways to potentially irresponsibly spend my tax refund. 

(Found via thisfits)


Just Getting Started: Why I love Rubinacci ('s Jackets)

Former Chicagoan jhilla gives some great perspective here on the infamous Italian brand.

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