Rugby tuxedo fun shirts —  For those of you who attend events where the dress code is “creative black tie”, this might be a not completely terrible way to do it. Available (and on sale) in multi-colored stripes and blackwatch

(If you want something more tame, they have a normal, pleated-front shirt, too.) 


It’s on sale: Rugby Ralph Lauren — You might’ve heard that Rugby is being discontinued, which is disappointing as I think they had some interesting pieces at moderate prices during their sales. Rugby’s knocking off another 20% on top of their sale items with code INSIDERSALE thru Monday. 

That brings their Newbury herringbone jackets in black and brown down to $192. And their Shetland wool shawl cardigan and shaggy crewneck sweaters to $80 and $56 respectively. 


It’s on sale: Rugby summer sport coats — Rugby is having a “last call” sale right now, with an additional 25% off certain sale items, including their various summer sport coats. It’s a good time to grab one at a relatively affordable price below retail. 

Personally, I picked up their cream linen-cotton jacket a while ago and was really pleased with it. Many of Rugby’s jackets are lightly lined in just the shoulders and sleeves, which makes them ideal for the heat. 

It’s also worth checking out the linen sport shirts, too, which are on sale for $45. Sale ends September 5th.


Rugby on sale: 20% off

If you’ve been on the fence about getting some of Rugby’s fall clothing, then now might not be such a bad time to consider purchasing because they’re offering 20% off all regular-priced merchandise with code FALLRUGBY11.

(Please don’t ask me about how their stuff fits, as I haven’t had hands-on with any of their items. I just thought I’d pass along the coupon code.)

Some interesting items that caught my eye:

Shetland sweater with elbow patches, $78.40:

Elbow patched shaggy sweaters for under $100 doesn’t seem like a bad deal and dieworkwear talked about these a while back.

ADDING: williamstelmach said:

Fit is spot on with sweaters. I bought the Shawl Collar shetland last winter in XS and it fits like an XS should - form fitting but not second skin. Consider that most things with patches are dry clean only though.

Thanks for the sizing information.

Make-your-own shawl-collared cardigan, $118.40:

I dare you to get it customized to say “menswear” at the bottom.

Vintage chino university pant, $55.60:

It’s worth knowing that cbenjamin's praised the fit of these chinos.

ADDING: ajamison replied: 

I loved my University chinos while they lasted…the crotch blew out after about 6 months or so. Seems like others have had that problem as well on dappered.com - see comments on the Rugby sale post.

Uh, so, buyer beware then! Maybe they’ve improved the quality since then? Thanks for the info.

ADDING: Wow, seems like these chinos aren’t such a great deal after all, as m0ym0y chimes in:

Rugby stuff fits slim / trim and yes the chinos are definitely on point in terms of a non skinny leg and a slight taper..but they do come broken in if that’s your thing, the crotch will blow out if that’s your only pair

I’m not sure I’d want to roll the dice on these.



Rugby is now offering a Made-to-Order shirt service for $150.  The shirts are crafted in the US by the New England Shirt Company.  You may choose from 7 fabrics, 4 collars, and 2 cuffs.  Chest pocket, monogramming, white cuffs, and white collar are also available.  Only two measurements are requested: neck (by the half inch) and sleeve (by the inch).  There is no mention of fit, but I hope they will be slim fitting like the majority of Rugby’s regular offerings.  Once you fill out the online form, a representative will contact you by phone to complete the process.  Hopefully at this point you will give more measurements to ensure a more personal fit.  You should get your new custom shirt in about three weeks.  So what are you waiting for?  Have at it, people.

For $150, I have a hard time imagining it’s worth it. I know my tailor in town charges $150 for a bespoke shirt — and he has a LOT more fabric, collar and cuff choices, too. Everything’s customizable.

For around the same price, you could go with some higher end MTM online stuff. I’d personally go with MyTailor.com, where you can get measured in-person by a traveling tailor. For the price of three shirts from MyTailor, you’d only get two shirts from Rugby — again, with nowhere near the level of options.

I’m all for companies making MTM products and introducing people to it, but there’s always been better deals out there.


How do the Rugby RL shirts fit? Traditional?

- Asked by Anonymous

I haven’t tried them personally, but my understanding is that they run slim. You could try calling their customer service line and asking for measurements.

Anyone else care to chime in?

ADDING: Lots of info here. Thanks guys.


for tall skinny dudes. slim, narrow shoulders, long sleeves, small necks.


Very slim. Slimmer than BB ESF in Alpha sized shirts IMO


Yup. Was looking into Rugby RL (have a friend who works there) and tried on both RL and Rugby shirts… Rugbys are definitely slimmer.


They’re fairly slim and the sleeves are long…about 36in in the large. Great for tall, slim guys.


If he’s talking about a button down, then yeah they fit relatively slim. Slimmer than JCrew with a slightly longer tail and really great fabric. I just copped one and I’m pretty juiced about it
They Run a bit slimmer with a modestly pinched waist for a more fitted look. They also fit the shoulders like a structured shirt, not slouchy like others. A slight give in the sleeves makes it roomier that you’d expect, but doesn’t change the look.

Rugby RL on Rue La La — Sale includes selvedge jeans from Cone Denim’s White Oak Plant ($150), OCBDs ($35) and that navy military jacket ($90). If you don’t have an invite, click here (referral link, I get a kickback or something if you buy something).

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