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Tonight marks the first presidential debate for the 2012 general election and it’s a time when partisans should be encouraged to show their affiliation. Now, there’s a lot of crass and tasteless ways to do this through clothing (just take a look at the junk on Zazzle, CafePress or even eBay), but for those looking for the love of politics and menswear, I’ve put together this guide. 



Vineyard Vines: $75, available in red, yellow, green and salmon pink for Republicans. For Democrats, blue and green.

Southern Proper: $75, available in a huge range of colors and designs. Wovens in red, crimson and purple; repp stripe in blue (above); printed in red, crimson and blue; another printed GOP elephant on red silk; and political elephants and donkeys surrounded by stars.

Sette Neckwear: $265, available in three designs each for Democrats and Republicans. Elephant print in red, blue and purple. Donkey print in blue, scarlet and yellow. (These 7-fold ties are my personal favorite.)



Tucker Blair: $95, needlepoint belt. 

Vineyard Vines: $49.50, canvas cotton belt available for Republicans and Democrats.

Smathers & Branson: $165, needlepoint belts for both Republicans and Democrats. 


Prince Albert Slippers:

Stubbs & Wootton: $450, for Republicans, Democrats and fence-sitters.



Fine & Dandy Shop: $65, for Republicans, Democrats and the annoyingly undecided.


Shorts and Trousers:

Orvis: $15.20 (on sale), in Republican red and Democrat blue. 

Bonobos: $125, critter chinos in navy for Republicans and charcoal for Democrats.


Orvis convention shorts — I don’t do shorts or critter prints, but this is about as close as I’d ever get. 


Deadspin: I’ll Wear Shorts If I Goddamn Want To

So, this made me laugh a bit:

Oh, what’s that? Linen pants are breathable? Oh hey, that’s great! Let me just plunk down $200 for a pair at Banana Republic, because that’s totally within my price range.

I’ll just say that if you’re paying $200 for linen pants at BR, then, yes, you’re crazy. As for wearing shorts, that’s not something I’d personally do. I’ll spare the world my disgusting legs and get some seasonal slacks.

(Via Styleforum)

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