I accidentally put my fancy "dry clean only" suit pants in the washer & dryer. Are they ruined? Can my dry cleaner do something to make it better? Whoops.

- Asked by Anonymous

You’re probably fucked. 

Put them on, see if they shrank and how bad the damage is. You probably could’ve been OK, maybe, with the wash. But the dryer is going to be the real dragonslayer. 

There’s a good chance that the material might’ve been warped beyond anyone’s ability to repair the damage. Frankly, any money you might pay to repair them at this point might not be worth it. 

And, for real, how does this sort of thing happen? When you’ve taken off your pants, hang them up on a hangar so the creases fall out and they air out, too. Don’t put them in a hamper or on the floor. In fact, you might want to make this standard practice for all your fancy clothing.

Sorry to chastise, but this reminds me of when a friend of mine put his roommate’s cast-iron skillet in the dishwasher. I hate to see nice things get ruined.


I bought a few BB ESF OCBD from their two for $120 the other day. Love the shirts, thanks for the recommendation. Any tips for taking care of them? Last longer? Prevent shrinkage?

- Asked by happybadi

If you really want to prevent shrinkage, you could just cold-water wash them by hand and then hang dry. 

I usually throw mine in the washer on cold and then dry them on low for about 15 minutes because I’m lazy. 

Still, if they shrink and don’t work out, Brooks Brothers has a pretty good returns policy. They’ve been helpful in the past for stuff like that.


Washing my jeans for the very first time since I bought them … a year ago.

Before/after pictures coming soon!


Washing my jeans for the very first time since I bought them … a year ago.

Before/after pictures coming soon!




Collisions with different food, drink and other daily residue require different solutions. Below, a few common stains, and their around-the-house remedies.

Things you should know! I always carry a Tide-to-Go pen in my briefcase for emergencies (worked on ink, coffee and various food stains). For sweat rings on the shirt collar, I think Shout and Oxi-Clean both work well. And for those of you who’ve ever worked with grease, you probably know the magic that is Goop.

The most important thing? Don’t ever let a stain set and put off washing it.

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